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Welcome baby… and fast forward!

Babies do grow up so fast!

You find out you’re pregnant, and anxiously wait to see the bump grow and show. You give birth and start counting the days until…The first smile, sleeping through the night, turning over, crawling, walking. With every milestone you look forward to the day when your baby is more independent, going to school and on playdates. You scoff at the people who say enjoy these days, they grow up so fast. Yes, maybe so, but it’s not that fast you think to yourself. You look forward to the day when you don’t have to supervise every toilet visit, and not have yours supervised either!

Celebrating that first birthday brings a pang to your heart as you realize that your baby is now a toddler, but aww look how grown baby is! Tears blur your eyes on the first day of kindergarten, but how exciting too, now you have more free days. Elementary school is over, your baby is a  junior high student and can stay home alone for longer and longer periods of time. You clap and cheer as your (baby) high school graduate walks across the stage, ready to take wing and fly away.

Before you know it your baby is a (baby) man or a (baby) woman, and you look at them in wonder, these adults walking around outside your body, these people that grew inside you. They each took a piece of your heart and left you with memories of their sweet baby smell, chubby cheeks, eyes that crinkled as they smiled at you and made you feel as if you were the center of their universe, just as they were yours.

You realize how apt a cliche can be – they really do grow up so fast. I can’t say I want to go back to the days when they were babies and growing up, because having grown children is a different delight. But I do wish I had taken more pictures, taken in e deep breaths of their scents more often, and kept more momentous. I also know that more is never enough, so I will give thanks for all the joy, and share unsolicited advice. Enjoy them while they’re babies, little ones, young ones, because they do grow up so fast!



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