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In-Home Lactation Consultation

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Beneficial for any mom, but especially so if you’ve had previous struggles with breastfeeding, have had infertility issues, are having twins, or a c-section.

Virtual Lactation Consultation

virtual lactation consult

There are times when a virtual (online) consultation can provide just the help you need, especially if your situation is urgent. 

Breastfeeding & Infant Care Classes

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Being prepared, knowing what to expect when breastfeeding, will help you get off to a good start!  Enjoy the classes in the comfort of your home, privately, with friends, or virtually.

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About Liz

Hi there! I’m Liz, a happily married mother of three grown children and a lactation consultant in private practice. Having breastfed three children, and worked with countless mom and babies, I know how difficult breastfeeding can be, and how important it is to have help and support. The story of my career began in January 2000, when I became an RN…


My Happy Clients!

“Liz was extremely helpful to me. She diagnosed my son's mouth ties when no one else had. Liz is in a category by herself in helping women who have adopted breastfeed successfully. Liz is the perfect combination of excellence in knowledge mixed with the most up to date scientific techniques possible. I will always be grateful to God for the help Liz gave me. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is after the best lactation consultant out there!"


 I am very pleased with our experience and the care my son and I received from Liz. She is very compassionate and truly loves what she does. Who better to receive help from, other than from someone who loves to help!? My son is now eating, gaining weight, SLEEPING, and is overall very content. I'm so glad I listened to my mother's intuition and sought her help. I knew something was wrong even though our pediatrician said otherwise. 


I cannot thank Liz enough for all of her help! Breast feeding was not a success with my first due to lip and tongue tie that went undiagnosed and untreated. This time around, I contacted Liz for a prenatal consult, initial consult and follow up. Already we've worked through tongue and lip tie and low milk supply with my second daughter, now 9 days old. It's not even 2 weeks yet and I'm able to exclusively breast feed with no pain! 


Certified expert

I am an IBCLC, RLC International Board Certified
Lactation Consultant, Registered Lactation Consultant
I am skilled at assessing for, and identifying oral restrictions.
I've helped moms of singletons and twins, and also adoptive moms, to establish and sustain breastfeeding.

Quality Service

As an RN and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator I have the additional experience of
having worked in hospital birthing centers both as a patient care giver and prenatal classes instructor.
I can help to know what to expect within the hours and days immediately following the birth of your baby.

Passion for Helping

In the early years of my career as and RN and Woman's Center Educator I had the pleasure of helping expectant moms and dads prepare for life with baby.
Being trusted by a mom to help her in overcoming breastfeeding challenges gives me great joy; seeing her gain confidence and begin to enjoy nursing her baby is priceless to me!

Loving your baby, wanting to do what's best for your baby is easy. Breastfeeding...isn't always so easy. So, I am sharing here 5 Ways to Establish and Protect Your Milk Supply

Babies do grow up so fast! You find out you’re pregnant, and anxiously wait to see the bump grow and
Let’s not forget about Mom. I’ve always felt it’s fun to see a happily pregnant woman strolling (or waddling) along,
MATERNAL MORTALITY Paraphrasing the World Health Organization’s definition: “Maternal mortality is the death of a woman while pregnant or within

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Due to the current situation with COVID-19, I am only providing Telehealth Consultations

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